Concrete Grinding 

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Concrete Floor Grinding Brisbane and Gold Coast

What is Concrete Grinding?

Concrete grinding is a term used to describe the process undertaken for smoothing rough concrete surfaces down.   This work can only be achieved through the use of heavy-duty concrete grinding in Brisbane machines along with discs or segments that are impregnated with diamonds.

To create a smooth concrete surface a number of stages have to be followed.  During each stage of the concrete grinding in Brisbane process the discs on the grinder need replacing.  Initially the discs will start off with grit on them that is very coarse.  After each stage the discs get replaced with ones where the grit or diamonds impregnated into them are much finer.

Whilst the work is carried out of course a lot of dust is going to be produced.  However a good concrete grinding company will have the tools available to keep such mess to a minimum.  In most cases they will apply water to the surface of the concrete that helps to limit dust production.

Concrete grinding in Brisbane can help with the following services.  

Glue and Adhesive Removal  
The removal of existing floor coverings can leave your concrete floor with residue of glue and adhesive. These will need to be removed by grinding of the concrete surface prior to the application of other floor coverings.  

Concrete Levelling  
Concrete grinding is used on uneven concrete surfaces to smooth and level, usually to prepare for floor coverings. High spot removal, Lippage removal, Trip Hazard removal are just some of the concrete levelling services that we offer.  

Floor Preparation  
When installing new concrete coatings, the floor will need to be ground using concrete grinding machines. This will prepare the surface to enable a suitable bond between the coating and the substrate.  

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