Concrete Grinding

Concrete, in its most basic form, has numerous drawbacks. It’s a porous surface, which means bacteria and debris can collect on it. It’s also not very durable and is heavily prone to scratches, dings, and cracks. Furthermore, depending on how the concrete is laid, it may or may not be level. A crooked or uneven surface can be dangerous as well as unappealing. The good news is that you may avoid all of these problems by having your concrete ground by My Polished Concrete.

What is Concrete Grinding?

To remove the top layers of the concrete surface, we use concrete grinding equipment equipped with concrete grinding diamonds. As a result, we are able to eliminate any flaws. This includes the following:

  • Removing dirt and germs from the top layers
  • An uneven concrete surface can be levelled out.
  • Preparing the surface for future maintenance and concrete coating applications
  • Getting rid of any scratches, stains, or splits
  • A rough surface can be smoothed out

If you have concrete in your home, garage, or place of business, it will deteriorate with time. Uneven regions, fissures, and stains may be visible. Not only are these blemishes ugly, they can also be harmful.

Consider the following scenario. You run a factory with typical concrete flooring. The floor collects a lot of stains and unclean spots from drops over time. If you work with hazardous chemicals, your employees might inhale them and absorb them through the concrete.

That’s when you call My Polished Concrete to have your concrete ground and polished. The impurities on your floor will be completely removed throughout the grinding process. Sealing and polishing your floor will protect it from additional pollution while also keeping silica dust out of your workplace. That is why polished and ground concrete are so common in industries and warehouses. An epoxy coating, which protects the concrete from deterioration, is another option for a polished concrete surface. My Polished Concrete team can be reached at 000-000-0000.

What Is The Mechanism
Behind It?

You’ll need the necessary equipment to grind concrete properly. We employ state-of-the-art concrete grinders at My Polished Concrete. For the greatest results, they all have quality diamond-tipped concrete grinding segments. Our diamond grinders will produce a flawless finish. They work by rotating at such a fast speed that the top layers of the concrete are chipped away.


All impurities, fissures, and uneven surfaces are scratched away by the concrete grinders as they operate. For a variety of reasons, the depth to which we grind your concrete will vary:

  • The amount of pollutants and stains in the concrete
  • The degree to which the concrete is rough or uneven
  • What is the depth of specific fractures and scratches?

We’ll grind your concrete till it’s completely smooth and free of any flaws. The finished product will be smooth, even, and long-lasting.

Concrete that has been ground is also more durable and resilient than normal concrete. This is due to the fact that removing the top layers strengthens the bottom layers. Grinding also makes it easier to apply sealants, polishes, and epoxy resins to the surface. These will strengthen and protect your floor even more. To grind concrete without harming the surface, you’ll need a lot of practice.

That’s why it’s critical to enlist the help of My Polished Concrete’s knowledgeable staff. We’ve been polishing and grinding concrete for a long time and have undergone extensive training. Our concrete professionals constantly create beautiful ground concrete. Check out our gallery to see some of our most beautiful work in action. No other organization can match our knowledge, superior equipment, and exceptional customer service.

Benefits of Using This Technique

You might be asking yourself why you would want to grind your concrete. There are a variety of causes behind this. Let’s take a look at some of the top benefits of grinding your concrete:

Your Concrete Looks Brand New.

Grinding your concrete will bring it back to life if it has become worn and unattractive. The end outcome will be just as nice as if the entire surface had been replaced. Grinding your old surface gives the same outcome as replacing it with new concrete at a fraction of the expense.

Noise has been Reduces

Walking and driving on standard concrete can be quite noisy. The sound of footfall and tyres can drive you insane if you work in a facility. Fortunately, ground concrete is a fairly quiet material. Whether you're strolling or driving, you won't hear any annoying noises. Reduced noise can also improve safety because your staff will be able to hear one other better.

Durability Has Been Improve

Are you tired of your concrete breaking and denting as a result of drops? Then it's better if you hired us to help you ground your concrete. As a result, your resilience and durability will improve. If you opt to use a concrete sealer or polish, your surface will be even more durable. With a newly ground concrete surface, you can say goodbye to all those scratches, dents, and dings for good.


When wet, untreated concrete can become extremely slippery. In general, it's a slick surface. Grinding your concrete is a terrific technique to give it a more natural look. You'll be able to avoid many trips and falls, which will save you money in the long run. We can add a non-slip component to your concrete if you desire to seal it. Even when wet, your concrete will be slip-resistant as a result of this!

It Opens The Door To A Wilder Range Of Applications And Treatment

The flexibility to add more applications is perhaps the most major benefit of grinding your concrete. Concrete coatings, concrete sealers, and concrete polishing are all available at My Polished Concrete. For a decorative effect, add a glossy sheen and aggregate. Non-slip coatings and durable chemicals can be added to factory settings. Make sure to look through all of My Polished Concrete selections. We can transform your damaged, stained floor into a beautiful, gleaming, long-lasting, and bacteria-free floor.

You May Save Money On Your Energy Cost By Polishing

Why limit yourself to simply grinding your concrete? We can polish your floor at My Polished Concrete to make it more reflective and attractive. Not only that, but the increased reflectiveness will improve its capacity to bounce light about in the environment. As a result, instead of using electricity, you can use natural lighting. Also, during the day, the polished concrete absorbs heat and releases it at night. That will significantly reduce your monthly energy bill!

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