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Epoxy Floors Brisbane and Gold Coast

Epoxy Flooring - Gives Rooms A Whole New Look And Feel

As epoxy flooring is tough it is suitable for using in a various different locations.   It isn't only suitable for use in commercial premises but is residential ones as well.  In fact it makes sense to use this type of flooring in the bathrooms or kitchens in your home. 

With this form of flooring there aren't any grout lines so there is nowhere that dirt or debris can collect.  Just imagine what it would feel like knowing that in order to keep these floors clean all you need is a mild detergent mixed with some warm water.

Any epoxy flooring is now made using 2 components, a hardener and a resin.  As soon as the resin combines with the hardener a chemical reaction occurs.  This results in a rigid plastic material forming that then bonds pretty well to any kind of surface that it gets applied to. 

When used for flooring we apply several layers of each mix to the concrete substrate floor.  The number of layers that get applied will determine just what sort of finish is required.  In order for such to be classed as epoxy flooring the layers applied should not be any less than 2mm deep.  For anything less it will be classified as a coating rather than as flooring.  The problem with applying a coating is that it isn't as durable or hard wearing as a 2mm + epoxy floor. 

There are numerous reasons why today this kind of flooring is becoming popular for use in both commercial and residential properties.  But the main reasons are shown below.  

1.  It is long lasting and durable
2.  It is seamless and non-porous - cleaning up any spills is easy and quick
3.  This flooring is resistant to both moisture and chemicals
4.  It is able to deal with lots of impact when people walk over it
5.  Able to withstand extreme temperatures
6.  Easy to clean - you just need a good detergent and some warm water
7.  You'll find it is pleasing on the eye
8.  Is available today in a good selection of colours, textures and applications.  So finding one that meets your needs and tastes won't prove difficult.

Regulations Regarding Epoxy Flooring

When it comes to the laying of epoxy flooring the Building Code of Australia (BCA) are the ones who have the final say on how it gets laid.   

The main issue that BCA have with this flooring is it doesn't have a great deal of elasticity.  After being applied it forms a very strong chemical bond with the concrete surface.  Should the concrete then crack the epoxy will then also crack.  As a result of this damage this flooring isn't waterproof any more.  

To make sure that these problems do not arise it is vital that the floor is prepared in the right way first.  A good flooring contractor will make sure that the relevant work is carried out first.  If you are looking for a great finish to the floors in your kitchen or bathroom then having yours made from epoxy is a great idea.   

Industrial Epoxy
Application by roller or squeegee to achieve a durable epoxy floor
Metallic epoxy floors
Decorative epoxy flooring with unique effects
Epoxy Flake Floors
Multiple coats of epoxy with coloured flakes

Epoxy Flooring Installation Process

It is possible to have polished concrete flooring in any room in your home or business premises.  This type of floor tends to lend it self best when used in High traffic environments.  But it would certainly help you to make a statement in your bedroom or living room.

As mentioned already when combined together the resin and hardener form a hard plastic film.  But before it can be applied there are certain steps that must be carried out by the contractor first.   

Step 1 - They must remove all objects from the floor then sweep it thoroughly.  This will ensure that most of the dirt and debris that has built up will be removed.  
Step 2 – If the floor is contaminated with oils and stains, the floor will then need cleaning.  Your contractor should use a heavy duty degreaser.  This will help to remove stains and dirt that has become ground in to the floors surface.  After cleaning they then rinse the floor using warm water.  

Step 3 - After the heavy duty degreaser cleaning, concrete grinding of the surface will need to be carried out.  This will remove any further surface contaminants while preparing the substrate for a coating.  

Step 4 – Any holes, cracks or imperfections will be repaired.  

Step 5 – Application of the desired epoxy is ready to install

It is also important that each coat gets applied 12 to 48 hours after each previous coat was laid.  It will then take a number of days for the epoxy flooring to cure completely.  Applying each coat shortly after the previous means that each layer will fuse better to each other.  Creating a much stronger surface.  If the contractor doesn't apply each layer within the time stated then the surface will have to be abraded first.  Doing this then creates a surface that the following layers of epoxy can adhere to better. 

Materials Now Used In Epoxy Flooring

The materials used in this flooring are a lot stronger than concrete.    As for installation of this flooring it normally only takes a couple of days to carry out.    Once applied an epoxy floor is both durable and resistant to rain and sunlight.    As for the materials used.  There is a wide selection to choose from and all provide a different kind of finish to a floor. 

Different types of Concrete Coatings

Epoxy Terrazzo Flooring

Provides a mosaic type finish to the floors surface, and is suitable for using on a concrete substrate.  For those looking for a multi coloured design this is prefect due to the epoxy resin's matrix.  You can add different colours to achieve the results you want.  Plus in the early stages it is possible to add in marble or granite chips

Metallic Epoxy Flooring

This is a relatively new form of epoxy flooring.  When used it makes your concrete floor look like aged bronze, silver or copper.   Some epoxy flooring products contain metallic powder in them.  Then there are others that use a special reflective pigment.  Although mainly used in stores, restaurants and offices it would look just as great in your home.

Industrial Epoxy Coatings

Industrial epoxy flooring is achieved by installing the epoxy resin at a thickness of more then 2mm thick. This can be carried out by either applying multiple coats using an epoxy roller or by installing 1 coat using a squeegee or trowel 

What will your epoxy look like?

Who says you can't have a floor that is tough and looks good?  Well with the right sort of epoxy flooring this is possible.   After being applied this type of flooring will transform the way your concrete floor now looks.  No longer do you have a cold grey slab, in place you have a beautiful looking floor that is similar to granite or terrazzo.  Plus the flakes used in such flooring are available in a selection of different colours.  So you will be able to create flooring that matches the rest of a room’s decor easily.  It won't just make the room shine but will give the whole room a more pleasant appearance. 

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