Mechanical Polished Concrete

Mechanically Polished Concrete is a stunning and classy indoor flooring option that Polished Concrete solely recommends for indoor use. There’s a reason you’ll find it at high-end hotels and posh residential areas all around Australia. This is due to the fact that it is a highly reflective, exceedingly durable, and low-maintenance concrete floor that will last a lifetime. It not only looks great in your home, but is also a great choice for business buildings, retail flooring, and offices. Mechanically Polishing Concrete, unlike any other flooring finish, produces a highly polished, durable, dense, and stain-resistant surface without the need of any top layer sealants or coatings. My Polished Concrete is able to deliver a long-term flooring solution that does not require re-coating and does not impede the normal flow of traffic in the region due to cure and dry time by utilising the latest concrete polishing science.

If you’re not sure what mechanical polished concrete is, let’s take a look at what goes into it.

What Is Mechanically Polished Concrete,
And How Does It Work?

Since its inception, concrete has come a long way. What began as a simple mixture of water, sand, air, and gravel has progressed significantly over time. There are now a bewildering number of various procedures for strengthening and beautifying concrete.

Polishing concrete used to entail slapping a layer of film coatings on top. These coatings had a fashionable reflecting appearance and were resistant to slipping and abrasion. This approach had a disadvantage in that the coating only lasted a short time. You’d have to re-apply the coating once it scratched and started to wear. For the customer, this was both time consuming and costly.

That’s where mechanical polished concrete’s brilliance shines through. Densifiers or hardening chemicals are used between layers of grinding and polishing in this process. The final stage is to use a penetrating sealer rather than a topical layer. It’s absorbed deep into the concrete instead. In other words, it does not sit on top of the concrete; rather, it becomes a part of it. As a result, there is no need for a topical covering that will deteriorate with time.

Mechanically polished floors require little to no upkeep because they do not require reapplication. They’re also stain-resistant, enhance ambient light, and are simple to clean.

We employ two types of mechanical polished concrete at My Floor. The Hiperfloor and Signature Floor systems are the two options. Let’s take a closer look at each to see how they differ and what benefits they provide.

Main Benefits of
Mechanical Polished Concrete

    • Slip-resistant, impact-resistant, stain-resistant, and abrasion-resistant
    • There’s no need to reapply expensive topical coatings.
    • Increases the amount of natural light in the room and is highly reflective.
    • Lighting, cleaning, and maintenance costs are reduced.
    • It looks great and won’t fade or yellow over time. It’s also very easy to clean.
    • Mechanical and diamond polished concrete floors, as you can see, are truly amazing. They look great, save money, and are simple to keep up with. Don’t hesitate to contact Polished Concrete for a free estimate today!

Customizable Options for
Your Mechanical Polished Floors

  • My Creamy Floor Finish

Burnished Concrete is another name for it. The concrete surface is removed very little, if at all, during this process. In most cases, no aggregate will be visible with this finish. The natural look and effect of the concrete surface will be preserved with a burnished concrete finish. With a cream finish/burnished concrete, any undulations or imperfections in the existing concrete will still be visible. If you're installing new concrete, it's critical to include My Floor in the process to ensure that the concrete is installed to the highest standard possible before we polish it.

  • My Light Grind on the Floor

A Salt and Pepper Finish is another name for it. This finish exposes the natural aggregate by removing approximately 1-2mm from the top of the concrete slab, giving it a light salt and pepper look. Some areas have little exposure, while others have a lot. This is entirely dependent on the original concrete slab's pouring technique. My Floor Light Grind is a popular choice for garages, offices, and retail flooring because of its industrial design appearance.

  • Medium Grind on My Floor

This finish exposes an intermediate amount of aggregate, showcasing small to medium size stones, by taking about 2-3mm off the top of the concrete slab. Internal residential flooring that is both attractive and cost-effective.


  • My Heavy Grind on the Floor

This finish removes approximately 3-5mm from the top of the concrete slab, giving you the most stone exposure possible for your floor. Every concrete floor is different, so even if we grind it down to a fine grit, we can't guarantee that we'll get a Full Exposure look. With your specific concrete, we will expose as much as possible. This is our most popular option because it exposes more large and medium size stones, creating a terrazzo-like decorative effect that is ideal for residential flooring and showrooms.

Because the required amount of aggregate exposure is reduced, the costs per square meter are generally lower than exposing the entire aggregate.

It all comes down to personal preference and the look you want to achieve in the given space when choosing between My Floor's gloss levels.


  • Polished Concrete with a Matte Finish

An industrial/rustic finish that works well in homes, retail, food and beverage, and other commercial settings. Many designers who want a raw material look to go with their furniture are now opting for this finish.


  • Polished Concrete with a Semi-Gloss Finish

A popular finish for both residential and commercial projects. The finish will not show much dust or dirt on its surface while still having a high shine, making it ideal for high traffic areas.


  • Polished Concrete with a High Gloss Finish

This is the most eye-catching and attention-getting of all polished concrete floor finishes. High gloss is preferred by those who want their floor to be the focal point of the room, as well as high-end homes and showrooms. While this incredible concrete finish necessitates a little more effort than the other two options, it is well worth it.

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