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Polished Concrete Floors Brisbane and Gold Coast

Polished Concrete Flooring – Why Install This In Your Home Or Business ??

The processes we use to create a polished concrete floor turns something drab into something unique.   This process results in the surface of the concrete being sealed or highly polished using a mechanical process.  As a result it prevents any dirt or chemicals being absorbed into the concrete.  It also helps to stop dust from collecting on its surface.   Making this type of flooring not only easy to clean and easy to maintain.   

The whole art of diamond floor polishing is a relatively new one.  In fact it has only been around since 1997.  Our signature finish and Hiperfloor polished concrete is created through using fine diamond polishing pads.  Soon such flooring will become a commonplace through homes and businesses in the future.  

The Concrete Polishing Process

Before the actual process of polishing the concrete can begin the concrete needs to be ground down to expose the aggregate.  Once the aggregate has been exposed to the desired result, we carry out further grinding using finer grades of diamond segments while also grouting the floor with a cement modifier to repair cracks and surface imperfections. At this stage, we can clean the floor and apply several layers or coats of sealer to provide a ‘Grind and Seal’ or ‘Hone and Seal’ polished concrete floor. As well as taking a long time for this work to be completed such flooring requires a great deal of maintenance.

Often what you would find is the floor need to be stripped before it was then resealed in order for that all important polished look to be maintained.  As a result of this having such flooring in your home or business was and can be expensive to re-apply the concrete coatings

An alternate system we use makes sure that we keep the amount of maintenance your polished concrete floor needs is kept to the minimum.  We still grind and grout the surface first as discussed above, then instead of applying a surface coating, we treat the floor with specially designed hardening chemical before polishing the surface.  Once the concrete densifier has cured, we mechanically polish the surface of the concrete using finer and finer diamond polishing pads.  As a result of this we are able to achieve the right level of shine on the surface of the concrete that you want without the use of top coat sealers.

Our specially designed floor solution means that we have increased the floors resistance to abrasion.  Plus it is far stronger and so is able to deal with any kind of impact to it much better.  Yet we are still able to provide you with a polished concrete floor that is hard wearing and can be maintained easily.   

We even provide you with an exclusive 10 year warranty!!!

Signature Floor Polished Concrete
High Gloss Mechanical Polished Concrete
Hiperfloor Polished Concrete
Internationally Renowned Polished Concrete 
Grind and Seal Polished Concrete
Grind and Sealed with Polyurethane Coatings
Hone and Seal Polished Concrete
Honed and  sealed with PENETRATING sealers for external areas

Where Can You Have A Polished Concrete Floor? 

It is possible to have polished concrete flooring in any room in your home or business premises.  This type of floor tends to lend it self best when used in High traffic environments.  But it would certainly help you to make a statement in your bedroom or living room.

Is Polished concrete Non Slip? 

All our flooring undergoes various tests to make sure that it is safe to walk or drive on.  Each one of these tests helps to ensure that the flooring is slip resistant and adheres to certain regulations.    For normal floors ours comply with AS/NZS 4586 standards.  But when we polish sloped surfaces then we make sure that these comply to AS 1428 Standards.  Each of these have been set by the "The Building Code Of Australia". 

Where Can We Carry Out Polished Concrete?

Presently we are able to our concrete floor polishing services in Brisbane and Gold Coast

How Should you care for polished concrete

As well as being durable and pleasing to look at maintaining this type of flooring is easy.  When setting up a cleaning schedule you need to carry out other forms of maintenance periodically.  Doing this will ensure that your concrete floor retains its polished finish.

You are going to need to set up a schedule of regular, chemical and mechanical maintenance.   Such maintenance of polished concrete flooring should be done regularly.  If you aren't doing it each day attempt to do it at least a couple of times each week.

You will also need to do the following: 
1.  Promptly clean the surface of any spills.  This will prevent staining or etching. 2.  Each day dry mop or auto scrub your floor.
3.  Carry out general cleaning of the floors surface.
4.  Use spot treatment on areas where a lot of traffic takes place.

For carrying out points 3 and 4 use some plain water or a non-reactive cleaning agent that is approved by My Floor. 

Why Get A Polished Concrete Floor

There are a number of benefits to be got from choosing this form of flooring.  

Functional Benefits of Polished Concrete  
1.  Floors aren't only harder but also sealed making them dust proof.
2.  All our polished concrete floors come with a 10 year warranty.
3.  Is 40% more resistant to abrasion unlike a steel troweled concrete floor.
4.  Is 20% more resistant to impact unlike a steel troweled one.
5.  Is 30% more resistant to reflection by ambient lights over steel troweled concrete.
6.  A densified polished floor is resistant to marks from tyres.
7.  Makes a concrete floor more architecturally interesting whether dyes are used or not.
8.  No need to use wax or sealers to maintain this floor ever.  Just needs cleaning with a neutral cleaning solution frequently.  

Ecological Benefits of Polished Concrete  
1.  Is the greenest and most sustainable flooring available today.
2.  Don't need to use any type of covering that would then end up in landfill sites after 5 years or so.
3.  As we don't use surface sealers.  Means that no toxins or chemicals are released into the atmosphere.
4.  We don't use any volatile organic compounds.
5.  As natural ambient light levels are much higher you won't be using so much electricity to light your rooms.
6.  The floors thermal mass properties means that you’re heating and cooling bills won't be as high.  

Economical Benefits of Polished Concrete  
1.  The cost of installing such flooring is lower than most other forms.
2.  The cost for maintaining this floor is less as it has a much longer lifespan.
3.  You'll find the costs for maintaining such flooring is a lot less as you just need to use a neutral cleaner on it.  

If you want to learn more about we have to offer then contact a member of our team and speak with one of our consultants.  Our consultants will be more than willing to answer any questions that you may have with regards to polished concrete floors Brisbane and Gold Coast. Contact the My Floor Team Today